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Template of Multimedia Storyboard

We know that a storyboard is a representation of the plot of any book, idea, vision or any such blueprint, which needs to be put in the attention or notice of the people which could be either the team or the audience.


In the General storyboard the written story plot is created on the board in such a way that it could deliver the whole plot summary to the audience or team.

In the multimedia storyboard we have the same purpose of delivering our vision, idea or any such project to the team or audience as a whole but in the case of multimedia storyboard, we use the media graphics such as the visual pictures, videos, audios and other such media sources.

Multimedia storyboard is the innovation and the requirement of the modern time as it helps in delivering or representing a vision, idea or any of the movies trailer in such a way that it can deliver the whole plot of it.

We are here offering you the template of the multimedia storyboard, that you can use to share your vision with the other concerned people, and it has the below mentioned characteristics.

  • You can get the image PNG format template of this multimedia storyboard.
  • The PDF format of this template can be easily transferred from the one device to other.
  • You can also make changes to this template by opening it in the WORD software of Microsoft.

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